Our standard size is an 8ft x 20ft box. We also offer 10ft and 40ft units.

Not unless you put one inside! Our containers are completely sealed inside and out.

No. Our containers are at ground level for an easy, walk-in loading experience.

All our container units are placed carefully on wooden pads to protect any driveway surface.

We deliver each container on a tilt and load truck. The unit glides on and off the truck and onto your driveway with ease.

Yes, there are vents along the top to allow proper venting.

Each container is equipped with 2 completely sealed swinging barn doors. They are easy to use and open up wide for great accessibility.

Our standard size is an 8ft x 20ft unit, which can hold about a 3 bedroom home.

Yes, each container delivered is clean and ready to load.

Each container is brand new and has rubber-sealed doors, and a sealed floor to prevent condensation. They are wind and waterproof.